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Hilti is a global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems, software and services to the worldwide construction and energy industry. Our success is driven by distinction, defying convention and powering some of the world’s most ambitious feats of engineering for our customers.  

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Why Hilti?

Hilti is a global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems, software and services to the worldwide construction and energy industry. Our success is driven by distinction, defying convention and powering some of the world’s most ambitious feats of engineering for our customers.  

We employ more than 28,000 people in more than 120 countries around the world. Our commitment to innovation and customer excellence is matched only by our passion for growing and nurturing high-performing people—from the brightest graduates to the most experienced industry professionals.


Hilti makes construction site work simpler, faster and safer. The company develops and manufactures products, systems, software and services that provide the construction and energy sectors with clear added value. Hilti stands for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships. The company globally has roughly 250,000 individual interactions each day, meaning that many innovative ideas are developed directly on construction sites. If there is a challenge on the construction site for which there is no Hilti solution, one will be developed. This is why the company whose headquarter, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, invested approximately $250MUSD in 2018 in research and development.

All of Hilti’s activities, every day, are aimed at enthusing customers. The strategic aim is sustainable value creation through market leadership and differentiation. The company, founded in 1941 by brothers Eugen and Martin Hilti, also plans with financial foresight. All company shares are in the possession of the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures the long-term continuity of the company.

Hilti builds a better future – with sustainable and innovative solutions. The company accepts an equal amount of responsibility for society and for the environment so that it can actively pursue a better future also outside the core business area. In addition to the charitable Hilti Foundation, the company’s values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment contribute to building a better future. These values are lived out every day by more than 28,000 employees globally in interactions with team members, partners and customers.

Hilti has been present in Vietnam since 1996 and incorporated in 2011. We are committed to provide an array of solutions through our Innovative Products, Software and Expert Advice by our direct sales team and specification consultants to help nationwide customers get their job done faster, safely, and more productively.


Our direct-sales model relies on people as the foundation of business success. Hilti’s people are the key drivers to build our global business, which is the reason why we put our ‘people strategy’ in the forefront of our business model and it is also a reason why our people are proud to work for Hilti.


Hilti leverages people’s strategies and systems to ensure that we can support our employees’ needs with the tailored career development plan. As an Hilti employee, you will go through two annual processes for performance management and career development. Based on comprehensive processes and team leader’s guidance, each Hilti employee will create their own career future by individual development plan.

We have a unique working culture, made up of people from different backgrounds with a shared commitment to exceptional customer engagement. It is a dynamic and fast-paced place to work, where success relies on teamwork and we challenge you to push boundaries. There is a distinct vibrant energy that you cannot see but feel.

We are proud to be consistently ranked among the world’s best places to work including the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For (2018), ranked 7th in Best Workplaces in Europe of Great Place to Work ® Institute (2017), and 7th place in the Best Multinational Workplaces category in Europe (2017). These awards are a testament to our investment in our people and culture.

TRAN DUC DAT - Area Sales Manager – North 

Clear business strategy, people development oriented and enjoyable working environment are the reason I chose Hilti.

Hilti is one of the few companies who apply a direct sales approach to customers in building materials. We focus on understanding customer needs, addressing their concerns and helping them become more productive and safer. Hilti helps to improve the standards of construction in all countries where they operate.

At Hilti, we understand the value of people to our organization. Our technical, sales and customer services teams are constantly trained and improved every day. The company also has structured and differentiated career development program for all employees; From first two months, our team members are sent to Asia Training Center in Philippines or Singapore for products and skills training. We are continuously supported build our future by self-aware and well-planned individual career plan.

As an example, I joined Hilti in January 2016 as an Account Manager. With ambitious learning and exposure, I was then promoted to Area Sale Manager for the North in 2018.

Hilti, a place where you LEARN, GROW, and become BETTER than you have ever been before.


PHAN KIM OANH - Product Manager Fastening & Protection

Motivated employees in a good working environment make the company a great place to work.

A graduate from HCMC University of Technology with 11 years construction industry experience in the areas of production, quality & marketing management in Vietnam and Asia market. Hilti is my company of choice.

During 3 years at Hilti, I have been impressed by constant innovation and technology development for the construction industry. Besides thousands of products in the current portfolio, we annually introduce 60 new products annually. To manage this huge product portfolio, a product manager as myself is always under high pressure. However, I am given full authority by my manager to make logical decisions to run my business scope. It is truly a positive motivation to push me move forward day by day. Moreover, the drive and energy of all team members have always inspired me to contribute my best to the organization.

Another thing keeps me staying with Hilti is a family environment. Have you ever received an exactly favorite branded chocolate for your daughter from your manager? It was a very beautiful moment which will stay with me forever. It is a part of non-verbally caring culture in Hilti. We have a plenty of indoor and outdoor events including family events where my family are welcomed and are integrated with Hilti colleagues.  Hard work and enjoyable life are our daily practice in Hilti.

Culture is a key aspect to Hilti’s success. I believe in a culture where people work closely, together learning and grow will make the place a great place to work.

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  • Field Engineer - 1544668582
    Pros: Fair benifit, good salary, good place for improve, promotion your future career, lovely collaboraty, strong team, high & lots of motivation, oversea training, intergrity etc.
  • Product Manager - 1544668582
    Pros: The great place for you to learn a lot, further from academy topics but real practices by doing and sharing time after time as long as you are humble enough to learn.

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